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My first Henry was a 20" Frontier....purchased many years ago. Loved the look of the octagonal bbl and the fit/heft of the rifle. Lever was smooth as butter and it shot very accurately with just the factory irons. (I'm one of "those" who believe a Lever should never be scoped). If I had to nit pick....I found the Frontier a little nose heavy and the fore-grip a little loose.

Like a fool I sold it and eventually replaced it with a bl22. Although the bl22 was a quality piece I hated the stiff trigger (thought the safety was on when I shot it the first time) and eventually hated the short throw lever. The high comb of the stock didn't fit as good as the Henry. The bl22 got sold without regret.

After a few years without a Lever I'm a happy owner of another Henry....Large Loop Carbine H001L. Love the balance of the 16.5"bbl, large loop for gloves and the hooded front sight is great for quick target acquisition even in low light. A keeper!

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