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CCI quiet vs suppressor

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Hello all,

I went to my municipal building the other day and asked them about shooting on my property. They told me it's unregulated and to have fun and be safe. Well, I've decided to only shoot my 22s because I do have neighbors. I've been shooting the CCI quiets exclusively, but I have a bunch of standard velocity I'd like to use as well. Now according to CCI the quiets are rated at 68db at the shooters ears. The silencerco switchback, for example, is rated at 108db. Would a suppressor really be louder than the 22 quiets? I understand there is a 300+ fps difference in the ammo, but I'm simply comparing based on the published db ratings. So would it be worth it for me to buy a suppressor?

Also, I've seen in articles/reviews that suppressors all have different tones. Can any recommend me ones that have the lowest tone? Like a thump instead of a snap. Thanks in advanced!
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