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Springfield 1922 M2 - Damaged!

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I ordered a Springfield 1922 M2 from a reputable seller on Gunbroker. It was in very nice condition and I jumped on the Buy It Now for $1379.00. The gun was shipped via FedEx and insured but it got hung up in the bad weather at the hub in Memphis. Apparently while there it got manhandled and showed up at my FFL 10 days after it was supposed to. The box was damaged and the windage knob on the Lyman 48C was broken off.

The seller is willing to take it back and give me a full refund or refund $350 to compensate me for the damage. I am leaning towards taking the $350 and keeping it because it is in such nice condition but my question is, what are my chances of finding a replacement knob/shaft (the threaded shaft is broken) or a complete sight? Is there an equivalent I can buy and steal parts from to fix it?

Thanks in advance for your responses.
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