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22lr Long Range (100+yds) Hunting

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I am wondering how many people out there shoot ground squirrels, pest birds, pigeons ect. At long range with 22lr? When I say long range I mean anything over 100yds. I have been shooting ground squirrels with 22lr past 100yds since I was a kid. Farthest kill so far on a starling is 112yds. Farthest ground squirrel kill is 235yds. I know there is an argument to be made about how ethical it is to shoot pests at that distance but in my experience head shots and upper torso shots are kill shots all day long. I shoot only sub sonic rounds because it has been proven to be more accurate at longer range. To repeat my original question, any one else shooting pests this way? What are your experiences? Do you disagree with shooting animals at those distances with a 22lr? What type of equipment are you using?
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