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Originally Posted by Nolan View Post
You can rest easy knowing you're not the only chronograph owner on the forum.

I love anecdotal stories, especially those involving maiden aunts, homemade brownies with little bits of green stuff in them, and go karts! However for everything else, as a manufacturing engineer, I'll stick with hard data.

I'll take the opportunity to reiterate a couple of comments I've made in past posts.

My test and measuring equipment is mostly tier 2 which is usually approximately 100 X better than guessing.

If everybody would invest $40 in a HF digital caliper and Wheeler trigger pull gauge we would have a tsunami of data +/- 5% of their actual values compared to all the WAG's we currently have to suffer through.

Unrelated: LtCrunch and I are pretty much in complete agreement AFAIC.

Thanks for fessing up about the chronograph, I won't tell anybody.
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