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Bushnell Trophy XLT 4-12x40
Objective outside diameter = 2.055" or 52.2mm
Occular outside diameter = 1.720" or 43.7mm

Mine came with Butler Creek flip up caps which is ridiculous on an AO scope, and add more to the diameter.

Length is 12.75"

I don't have this mounted on anything at the moment because eye relief is very tight and I have a short neck

Here's my notes for this scope:
Good: Holds zero, Adjustable Objective, Turrets have good tactile click. Turret caps are metal. Tracking is good.
Indifferent: Glass Quality is pretty good with a bit of fish-eye at low mag, Butler creek flip-up lens covers are useless. 3x zoom.
Bad: Eye Relief and eyebox in general is small and precise and probably less than the advertised 3.5". 0 reset is really bad. Turret numbers are really small.
Overall: I want to like this scope. I'm going to need to order some turret-zero screws if I can, because these are easily damaged or lost.
Going to try different rings because I can't move it further back and eyebox is so small I'm breaking my neck to try to get a good
sight picture.

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