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Originally Posted by ClayBelt View Post
I mean, the model b does have fixed sights. Canít say Iím familiar with the phrase point of impact in this context
Exactly that. Point of (shots) impact. With fixed sights the tendency of most is to keep aiming where they have been aiming for best scores/shots. If the ammo change made your impacts on the target higher/lower/left/right you might have to change your point of aim for that ammo.

Though things spread out more at 25 yards vs closer, often it's more obvious if you shoot more shots on a single target.

Take a look at your targets and look at the group sizes vs actual scores. If your groups are about the same size, chances are the ammo is altering the point of impact vs your same sight picture. If the group size is larger with the CCI, chances are it is less consistent than the other.

In short, if you shoot a tight group, you can adjust your point of aim to suit, just as you would adjust the sights on a pistol that had adjustable sights.
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