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Originally Posted by billysue View Post
Hey HP,

I was wondering how it would work if you took and used a double nut on the brass piece. Lock the nuts against each other to keep the bolt from wanting to screw into the brass piece as you tighten up the back. Worth a try maybe. Can't see why ti wouldn't work.
I noticed that I really didn't have to use much torque on the single lock nut to keep the brass piece in place. You'll see why I mentioned not to lock it down too much, since there isn't as much room to get a wrench in there as it seems. And you son't want the brass piece to bottom out, since it will be hard to remove afterwards without pliers. The reason for adding the lock nut and brass piece at the halfway point is that closer to the barrel, the clearance gets tighter due to the ledge.

The ideal press would use a 6 1/2" bolt, but I decided to go with what was readily available. I also thought of using a long threaded eye bolt, and use a screwdriver in the eye to turn it rather than the socket, so there's a few ways to skin a cat using the same concept.