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I solved my issue in such a way as to not have any concerns about the original parts. Back when Volquartsen was closing out Mark II parts on the "Clearance" section of the web site, I bought several stainless extended magazine releases. I still had one left.

Looking at it next to the 1964 RST-6, the stainless catch matches the flashed-chromed trigger and flash-chromed magazine base. In terms of color, it looks like it belongs. So I dug up my Glock punch, did a quick field strip, removed the grips, punched out the bottom pin in the grip frame, removed the original catch, and installed the stainless Volquartsen catch using the Glock punch as a slave pin. Reassembled everything, grabbed three different magazines (A54, A100 flipped to A54, and Mark II flipped to A54), and headed out to my backyard range.

Three different magazines and twenty-eight rounds later, I am happy. The Volquartsen catch allows me to move the catch farther away from the magazine body and makes removal a breeze. The original magazine release can be swapped back into the pistol at any time should that need to happen.

[ETA] Some before and after pictures that show the magazine releases as well as the Cerakote finish./[/ETA]
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