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The front edge of the mag release shelf is a sharper edge than later MKII releases. This wasn't a problem on the early mags because the non-removable base was bonded to the shell without any gap. Later mag bases have a groove that the folded over shell base slides into. That looser tolerance creates a gap.

Possible fixes:

1) file the front edge of the mag release to have a taper that will slide out of / bridge over the gap.

2) swap to a MKII release.

3) use a small punch to slightly bend the bottom of the mag shell inward toward the base. That creates a ramp that the release can slide over instead of catching on the shell. I first saw this done on a you-tube video, but the guy didn't do a very good job of explaining how his mod was fixing the problem.

It sounds like the last fix might be the one you want.
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