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Back To The Black Mamba And C-More

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Well, today I put the C-More Railway back on my Black Mamba and set out for a decent practice session. I'm holding back on my CCI SV ammo for matches so today I brought along 500 rounds of CCI Blazer 38 grainers.

Going back to the red dot was fun. I set up at 15 yards on a 6 inch C-N-C target and had good hits. I'm going to shoot this configuration for the next few months in preparation for our Steel Challenge State Championship.

Only took a few rounds to center the sight back up. I cut out the center of the target and only had a few out of the black.

Hopefully I won't get rained out of your SCSA matches next month. Believe it or not the range was flooded this past weekend. I can't remember more than one other time in over 20 years that we've had to call the match do to flooding.
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