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Originally Posted by Popeye1959 View Post
The target model would be more what I would "need" as far the shooting I do, but I really like the look of the fluted stainless barrel.
Same here, and the wood grips are great too, on the Hunter. I had my choice, and the sights decided it for me, in the end. Hoping for some cool thumb rest after market grips soon.

Originally Posted by garystl View Post
The right side safety hits my index finger joint in just the wrong place. It's got to go!

I hope there's a plan to eliminate the mag disconnect soon. And I'll be installing an exact edge extractor too.
The grips hold in the safety, and the screw. Just take off the grip, remove the safety lever, reinstall the screw, then put the grip panel back on.

Mag disconnect doesn't bother me, as it's not a defensive weapon. If it improves the trigger, I'll do it, if not, I'll leave it alone. Mags shoot out under spring power.

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