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Have a pair of RR and they suit US just fine!

My wife wanted something she could shoot all day without it killing her wrist (getting that arthritis pain) as all we had Revolver style was a Colt Trooper MKIII and a Ruger GP-100, both in .357mag. We looked at a Heritage Rough Rider with a 6.5" barrel and Hiviz adjustable sights for her and she LOVES it! It is extremely accurate and even shooting Magnums using the other cylinder she can keep on plugging away at the 10 ring.

We also started our youngest Grandson shooting (9 years old) and tried the Walther P22 we had but he would "limp-wrist" it all the time and his accuracy showed.... so we bought him a Rough Rider with a 4.75" barrel and he does so much better and it also slows him down a bit so he can enjoy the shooting. Indoors he's pretty good hitting the paper near the BULL but "prefers" to go to the outdoor range and CLANG the gong as he calls it.

Either way both Revolvers have worked flawlessly with over 4,000 rounds through the 6.5" model and were getting close to 2,000 rounds through the other. Can't beat the price either for a nice "Plinking" gun with accuracy. $170 & $105 respectively.

Pull the Trigger, it goes BANG - Good gun, hit the target, Better gun
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