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Originally Posted by Toomany22s View Post
Actually this forward scope makes me put the stock on the side of my face ,cheek weld, -and the butt against my collarbone . I can see fine thru the scope.

Most of my other scopes are pushed back as far as they will go so I can shoot them with the stock under my chin , no cheek weld,and butt against a pectoral,

Either way works for me, but I have noticed that the better shots do it the first way.

That being said I have ordered a long eye relief scope for this gun to see if I can do it the second way.

And maybe someday I will swallow my pride and get one of those Cowcatcher Browning BillBoards to use as an Anchor on my gun.just so it looks Normal to others.
Sounds like you got it figured out for what works for you, Toomany! I wouldnít mess with whatís working for ya! But then again, I mess with things that ainít broke everyday. Itís the American way.
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