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Hi picketpin. As I read your post you have 2 Bearcats a convertible and a stainless. I think you have the value of your convertible about right. You never know what an auction might do though. The neat thing about yours is that it has been shot so If you take care of it shooting it won't hurt the value. I think most guns that are convertible get several hundred 22LR to one 22 Mag shot through them. I would not worry about a letter from Ruger. You know it is right and a serious collector will know. Ruger recalled them and would like them all back. It costs about $225 to make a Bearcat a convertible. If I were you I would shoot my stainless as my main gun (all the 22 LR) and shoot the convertible when I wanted to shoot a mag once in a while. I would probably never sell the convertible but I don't think it will ever be worth any less if you take care of it and as rare as they are could go up in value over time. If you want to shoot alot of mags I would think about either converting your stainless or getting a mag in a different gun.
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