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Installed Kidd Trigger - Safety Doesn't Work

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I just installed my new Kidd trigger on my rifle, and did a function check. The trigger feels great, and everything seems to work perfectly, except for one major problem. The trigger will fire with the gun on Safe. The Safety slides back and forth like it's supposed to, but it doesn't keep the trigger from firing.

I read through several threads, but they seemed to be mostly about guns on safe that fire when the safety is disengaged. Like I said, my trigger fires when the safety is on. I did disassemble it, and it looks like the flat part of the safety is on the top.

Obviously, I can't leave it like this. I'm sure I did something silly while assembling. Is this a common thing? Do you have any advice on how to correct this?

There's only one gunsmith in town, or I'd bring it to him. But he's running on a 3-month backlog.

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