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Originally Posted by streetglide View Post
Hope it works well for you as i just bought my first tippmann .
FWIW, when I began looking for a .22LR option for competition, I only knew about the S&W M&P15-22, and I've had multiple extractor and ejector malfunctions with the rifle and pistol.

Then I tried the H&K46D rifle and pistol, both of which cycle almost any ammo, but I didn't know that they aren't really designed on the AR platform, which prevents using aftermarket grips, triggers, and ambi safety safety selectors. And the fact that the bolt catch is included just for appearance and isn't functional is annoying in the extreme.

Then I discovered the Tippmann, and I wished I had tried it first, at least until this problem showed up, and I'm thinking, what next?

This forum represents a gold mine of knowledge, and it appears that the suggestions offered have provided the answer to my quest for a reliable firearm.

Good luck with yours.
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