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%%%%! Canít believe I read all that. But since I did, Iíll put my 2 cents worth in even though it seems to be an unpopular opinion. I personally donít like the IR50 portion of the TC, as a matter of fact Iím not fond of IR50 at all and itís due to the scoring system. I have never shot a 10 shot match so no opinion there. The reason I donít like the scoring is as Tony said ďone bad shot and your outĒ I canít afford to test and test and test ammo till I find the killer stuff it takes to shoot a 750 and Im not privy to early test lots or sponsored Ammo. I think most shooters are in the same boat with me. So I bring my best ammo to the match, two or three fliers per box and all then shoot my best, thatís all I can do. Change or no change at the TC wonít stop me from going but I still wonít like that one or two fliers in my ammo will drag me down to mid pack or worse.
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