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May Topstraps Longrange (midrange) Rimfire Match

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Time again for another wonderful but frustrating Topstraps Longrange (Midrange) Rimfire Match at my range. I'll be here from Friday thru Sunday (May 7th, 8th and 9th.) from about 8:30 AM till it starts to get dark. Don't wait until evening hoping for calm winds and hope to shoot since there may not be enough time to finish up the ones in line.

Match will be similiar to last year since everyone seemed to like it. 85 targets worth 1 point each. Distances will be 25, 37, 50, 62, 76, 87, 100, 112, 125, 137, 150, 162, 175, 187 and 197 yards of varying sizes and shapes. I will allow up 5 sighters the shooter can use at whatever stages they wish. I'll also let each shooter take a couple shots to check their zero before starting. Since the price of ammo has gone out of site I'm going to stop the $8.00/50 price limit since even junk stuff is way more than that now. I would still prefer that the top end super high priced stuff was reserved for other matches but bring what you have and have fun using it.

There is still a restriction on benchrest type equipment such as no tuners or any of that other Benchrest type stuff allowed and no fancy Benchrest style rests. Only bipods or sandbags to support the gun. Any 22 rimfire gun/scope is allowed. I am still trying to keep this from coming an equipment race with high end custom guns and scopes. There are other local matches the really high end equipment and ammo can compete in against other high end equipment where they can battle it out for being top dog. I try to keep my challenging and fun and so far it's been working out pretty good with most everyone hitting a lot of the targets and a few smaller/harder/gamble ones that separate the top shooters.

A donation of $10.00 per each entry and you can re-enter if you wish but have to get in line again. The match winner will get a free entry at the next shoot and there will be at least 1 $25.00 drawing and usually another based on number of entries. Lately it has been two drawings and might even get to three the way things are going. The range officer/scorer has final say, we tend to favor the shooter if there is a question about a nicker which is counted. When the target is painted I'll check to verify a hit/nick for scoring.

The firing line is covered and there are two benches so two shooters can shoot the course of fire together. I also have a set of 4moa circles, one at each distance for the metallic sight shooters. If there are 5 scoped targets on a stage then the peep sight shooters shoot their target 5 times. They look large until you look at them without magnification, anytime someone thinks the peep sight shooters have an advantage they are more than welcome to sit behind one of our guns and give it a try. They are very doable and add a new challenge to this longrange game and let them compete with the scoped guys with very similiar scores so bring out those metallic sighted rimfires.

100 rounds should be sufficient with 85 targets and some type of special final stage to challenge your skills and also a few checking zero rounds. This month since some shooters might be using different ammo and after a long winter off season you can use a sighter at each distance to get a good setting then shoot the target. This is for this month only then I go back to 5 sighters only each match.

Any questions my email is [email protected]

Allow about an hour to shoot the course, if that is too long then on the first weekend of the Month Butch McCort has a 50 round match that only takes about 20 minutes to shoot. Personally I like to shoot once I sit down and get my monies worth.

Hope to see everyone.

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