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Marked As Read Function

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Well, I have been doing some research into the logic of how vB handles read/unread messages. I think I have an understanding of it now. Here are some excerpts from posts of one of their developers explaining this.


"This has been discussed many times in the past and it will not be changed, at least not to a thread-level marking of read threads. The reason is the data needed to store individual views of a thread would be exponentially large, even on smaller boards.

Imagine this: A board has 1,000 members and 10,000 threads. For each member, you need a row for each thread. That's 1,000*10,000, = 10,000,000 (ten million) records. That's approaching the beginning of the limit to how big a MySQL database can be. Not to mention a table with 10 million records is going to take forever to retrieve data out of."


"A session will be deleted after x minutes of inactivity, where x is the cookie timeout. If the user does not have the "Remember username & password" option turned on, then he will be effectively logged out at this point. Ours is set at 900 seconds.

Turning this option on is something I recommend even if you use a public terminal (because you can always use the Logout link to clear this cookie) but it saves troubles like this from happening."


"Every time you click, a timer (of sorts) is started, counting down the cookie timeout. When you make another click, the timer is reset, and this time is noted on your account (this is how the timer is kept track of).
If this timer gets to 0 without you clicking, then it notes the time, minus the cookie timeout (it assumes you left right after your last click), in a different place in the database, which in turn marks everything as read for you.
Then, when you return the next time, this time is read and anything posted since then is marked as unread.

Example 1: I log on at 8:45. The cookie timeout is 15 minutes. I surf around, making at least one click every 15 minutes, until 9:45. I close the browser and go on about my day. At 10:00, vB determines I haven't made a click in 15 minutes. It marks my last activity as occuring at 9:45, and erases my session.
I return at 2:25. Everything posted since 9:45 is marked as unread.

Example 2: I log on at 8:45. Again, cookie timeout is 15 minutes. I surf around until 9:45. I close the window. I get an email about a thread I'm subscribed to and return to the site at 9:55 for 5 minutes. Because it hasn't been 15 minutes, everything that was unread for me at 8:45 is still unread for me, including everything posted since then. I leave again and return at 2:15. Everything posted since 10:00 is marked as unread."
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