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Here's the update, finally:

Tippmann sent me two new bolts. I tried both in the M4P and they didn't eject live rounds any better than the original. The problem with the rifle apparently fixed itself, but the jury is still out on that. Sent the M4P to Tippmann on a warranty claim, and they returned it in less than 2 weeks.

The fix: Inspected the radius on the barrel, found it out of spec, replaced it. Updated the bolt to the latest design. Updated the buffer assembly. Cycled X4 magazines without error.

So far, these changes have eliminated the problem.

Interesting to note that the bolts they sent for me to try were exactly like the original ones, even though they indicated they had redesigned them. The new one looks very different.

I'll be shooting the rifle and pistol a lot over the next few weeks and update this thread if the problem resurfaces with either firearm.

Thanks again for the excellent mutual support provided on this forum.

W.H. McIntosh
LtCol USAF (Ret)

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