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Originally Posted by Av1at0r View Post

Took the Tippmann Arms M-4 Micro Elite Pistol to my gunsmith. He confirmed what we suspected, that the extractor and/or bolt is probably at fault. One test he performed that I had not, is to slip a snap cap under the extractor and rotate the bolt so the snap cap is horizontal and above the opening in the cutout. When he did that, the snap cap fell out each time. He didn't even need to jostle it.
Glad you confirmed that last step. I'd have used a 'real' cartridge or two, if for no other reason than the rim thickness of several of the snap caps I have here don't match the SAAMI spec.

In any case, that the extractor wasn't tight enough to hold the rim in place is a real indicator. The factory helping fix the problem quickly by sending you a bolt to swap in is reassuring news.

I found some videos of a guy changing out these small bolt parts on the Facebook 'Tippmann' group, by the way. It looks rather like a lot of other similar assemblies.

Hope your two setups match the performance and reliability expected, very soon.
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