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Here is the latest update to this thread:

Took the Tippmann Arms M-4 Micro Elite Pistol to my gunsmith. He confirmed what we suspected, that the extractor and/or bolt is probably at fault. One test he performed that I had not, is to slip a snap cap under the extractor and rotate the bolt so the snap cap is horizontal and above the opening in the cutout. When he did that, the snap cap fell out each time. He didn't even need to jostle it.

I mentioned the comment from this forum which verified my experience that Tippmann customer support is asleep at the phone, but suggested that a warranty claim might have a better chance of ringing an alarm bell.

When I said that I intended to ask for replacement extractor parts, the owner of the shop shook his head. "Don't tell them what you think the problem is. They will be more than happy to send you some small parts. But if that doesn't fix it? It's on you. Tell them only what the problem is. Then whatever happens after that is on them."

That sounds like good advice, so this afternoon I filled out a warranty claim, described the problem, and mentioned that I probably wouldn't be allowed to compete again with either the rifle or the pistol until the malfunction had been eliminated.

As they say at Wimbledon, the ball is in their court.

I hope they aren't also asleep at the net . . .
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