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Originally Posted by Av1at0r View Post
Back to the drawing board.

Now what?
Omitting the customer service issue, the tech side of your dilemma is interesting.

The extractor does seem to work fine if your blowback is doing the work. In other words, the retention function only.

But as you initially observed, the manual operation of the mechanism leaves the round in the chamber.

In the situation where the blowback is doing the work, the extractor only has to hold the case in place until the rim hits the ejector.

In the situation where YOU are cycling the action, the extractor assumes its other role: it has to grab the rim of the cartridge and yank it out.

If the extractor claw is not positioned correctly, is worn or misshapen, or, it, and/or the spring, and/or the pin are not moving freely in the bolt, then you will have the described problem, supposing the cartridge isn't just plain stuck, as you already investigated with the plop test.

Do you have any Eezox?

Would you be willing to do the manual extractor test? It's not unlike the plop test in complexity. Just take out the bolt carrier, slide a round into the space where it goes (the curved area surrounding the firing pin), and see if the extractor claw holds the case in place as you move the bolt around horizontally.

if it comes to this...

How handy are you swapping out small parts like these?

The Tippmann items are:

Extractor - P/N AF01322
Extractor Pin - P/N AF01323
Extractor Spring - P/N AF01324

I'd wager they'd send you new ones, if that was going to fix it. I had a cosmetic issue with a part, I filled out the warranty email form on their website, and in just a couple days the replacement part was on my doorstep. Didn't get a message from them except for the shipping notice.

Sorry if this isn't helpful or you'd rather not fiddle with the thing any further.
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