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Back to the drawing board.

I fired about 10 rounds of CCI MiniMag and unsuccessfully tried to eject a live round. Fired another 5, same thing.

The good news is that 20-round mags of MiniMag, AR Tactical, Armscor, Remington Golden Bullet and Winchester bulk cycled without a malfunction.

I really like the Tippmann, and I'll probably use it in a match next weekend if I can confirm with the squad RSOs that they agree with the non-standard procedure I have to use to safe the firearm.

But I have to say that I am unimpressed in the extreme with Tippmann's total lack of customer support. Paraphrasing a slogan authored by Ron Popeil, it's as if Tippmann's approach is "Sell 'em a firearm and forget 'em."

Now what?
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