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Originally Posted by Av1at0r View Post
Can't confirm whether I've passed a plop test, because I don't know what that is.
Sorry for the presumption. I got these tips from the 'failure to extract' threads (many of them) on the S&W Model 41 forum here on Rimfire Central.

For the M4-22, remove the upper, then take out the charging handle and bolt carrier. Clean the rifle bore and chamber following your normal routine.

Point the barrel straight down, and, accessing the breech via the ejection port, drop a cartridge of your choice (try several different cartridges, if you can) into the chamber.

Observe that it drops in freely with a satisfying 'plop' sound, encountering no resistance. (Hence the 'plop' moniker.)

Then, invert the barrel, pointing up, and observe that the cartridge drops freely out, probably bouncing across the ejector 'steps' on the way.

If either the 'plop' or the drop doesn't happen, well, something's awry.

If it does happen, you've mostly moved your investigation to the extractor function.
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