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Originally Posted by Av1at0r View Post
Does anyone from Tippmann ever monitor and comment on this forum? I realize that it's a rare occurrence on most forums, but I hope they check their voicemail once in a while...
I wonder the same thing. I have not been able to get to anybody 'live' at the plant, nor a return call, although I have not pestered them. I can say that a warranty claim for a replacement part (minor cosmetic problem) was handled VERY fast, via their email form.

Back to your issue. What is it about the combination of your chamber and the cartridge that makes 'em stick so? I mean, you (I am supposing) passed the 'plop' test without issue.
Do you have access to a borescope? I found one to be very enlightening (wow, that's what that looks like to the bullet!) and educational (wow, I learned how to clean this area more effectively!).

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