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Originally Posted by Av1at0r View Post
I cycled the handle multiple times to no effect. Unable to leave the last position in the stage with a live round in the chamber, and with RSO concurrence, I fired the round into the berm.
Wish I didn't know how this feels. Happened to me on another firearm. And, the other day on this Tippmann as well. The cartridge seems to not want to get pulled out of the chamber.

Originally Posted by Av1at0r View Post
I also loaded five snap caps into a magazine, closed the bolt to chamber the first one, and extracted all five with the charging handle.
I did that, too.

From the other firearm experience, either the chamber is just the tiniest bit tight, the cartridge case is just the tiniest bit dimpled, or, the rifling at the very edge of the chamber (the leade) has 'grabbed' the bullet. or some combination of these.

This is why your 'drop' test worked, the bolt retention test worked, and your dummy round test worked. But the problem still happened!

I imagine when you fired the round into the berm, the action cycled fine. Is that right?
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