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Originally Posted by ivan View Post
While the marks on my old Simmons WTC certainly aren't precise, they are in fact relatively close.

For this one though I set it on hundreds of yards to shoot at 25 and 50.
Most (possibly all) of my scopes are off. Some more than others. I haven't used my Tasco World Class 24X in awhile but I'm pretty sure that one was off too.

Recently I started using a few different Vortex scopes with side focus. Those are all off pretty far. I just started reading a book on competitive shooting. The author says what you're experiencing is completely normal and has more than one high-priced scope that's way off like yours. He also says your eyesight has a lot to do with it too. I've now started to wonder if my aging eyes are the reason some of my scopes seem to be farther off than they used to be
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