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Oh yes, I remember now. You are in Europe and parts are none existent. You do have a very, very lightly used pistol. Perhaps not even previously fired except by the factory. You do have the new hammer style which sometimes benefits from just a fit of modification to barely remove the tip on the face. You can see it because that is where the finish is wearing. An inspection of your trigger bar ears or the underside of the slide where they are hit will tell you if they are sharp on the top, front edge. From the chew marks I see they look sharp.

Since replacement slides are problematic you might consider the #83 O ring over the recoil spring. That will soften the impact of the muzzle cup against the polymer slide top. A buffer if you will. One does not work well with the new Walther captive recoil spring due to a sharp washer that is part of the assembly. I'm not sure how they will hold up with Tamdemcross and other aftermarket recoil spring assemblies. It won't hurt the pistol though to try one out. If it has a negative effect on cycling just remove it. It is nothing but a rubber O ring.

Are you going to tell the Members here what a P22 costs in Turkey? They won't believe it. I've paid less for used cars. If you get to the States and can somehow get a pistol home....I'd suggest one of the Ruger MK series. They are extremely durable. 1917
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