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Originally Posted by Dogukan View Post
Hello, I am also thinking of buying an original P22 short version. I found two models very cheap: one has anyear marking of AH, the other has DE AK. Any updates or differences between these two models?

Also if I understand correctly; if I order a Q style slide and frame later on that is all I need to upgrade my 2007-2009 model p22 pistol to a 2012+ Q style model look. Everything else will fit perfectly am I correct?
Yes Dogukan, you can update an original P99 design theme P22 to the PPQ style. There are only a couple of considerations. Essentially the pistols are the same. An early Q model will allow you to swap out the grip and slide with no other changes. The grips swap regardless of year. The slide on the other hand was slightly changed in about 2016 or 2017 to accommodate the captive recoil spring assembly and the only change regarding that was a slightly larger guide rod hole in the muzzle end of the slide. Walther also still has the original long, non captive recoil spring assemblies because they are still required in CA. It's not that they are any better......CA just requires that once a pistol is approved....manufacturers can't change it. Even something as simple as a guide rod new style. On the other hand to make an original slide work with the captive recoil spring assembly the only mod to the pistol is to drill out the guide rod hole to 1/4" and put the new part in. The zinc is soft, similar to aluminum and easily drilled with no special equipment. Just a sharp bit.

The frame of the pistol cannot be ordered....it is the part that has the serial number on it and is considered by the BATF to be the pistol. There seems to be some confusion regarding what is and isn't the frame. On this pistol there is a two part frame that contains all of the fire control components. If push came to shove...the grips could be removed, a magazine locked in, a round chambered and the pistol fired. The only thing required would be to hold the slide so it would not move too far rearward and dislodge from the frame. The slide stop performs that function when the grip is installed.

Other polymer pistols...PPQ, P99, Glock, etc. don't have an internal frame. The grips are the frame because on those pistols the polymer grip (frame) holds those components in place. Without the grips....you have no functional pistol, not even close.

But back to your original question....yes you can update the grip and slide on your old P22 and if you let Ft Smith know what you have they can send you an early Q slide that requires no changes and will accommodate the original non captive recoil spring or any of the aftermarket assemblies with exception of the Walther make which has a larger diameter. 1917
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