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Since you like gunsmithing there are a couple of other things you might want to look at. Sometimes the face of the hammer can get caught between the small gap between the breech block and safety drum. I lightly remove that tip but also have stock hammers in some of my pistols. The other problem is that way back the trigger bar ears were very sharp..sheared side up...steel and would chew on the bottom side of the slide. Two small ramps knock the trigger bar down with each shot to disconnect it from the sear. I reprofile the top, front edge of the ears so they will not damage the slide. 1917

If you flip the trigger bar upside down, slide the ears only across some emery paper, keeping your work neat....the resulting new angle on the front of the ears will match the angle of the slope of the ramp under the slide perfectly. This will eliminated gouging that many sharp edges ears can cause..

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