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Hey Larry, you have purchased an original "target" version of the P22. The frame, slide and grip are the same for the 3.4" barrel and the 5" barrel pistols. You have the more accurate 5" barrel on your pistol. The only difference between your pistol and a regular P22 is that you have a 5" barrel, 5" barrel sleeve and a factory clamp on stabilizer. It is not a muzzle brake. It is a weight, much like many old PP pistols used to stabilize the muzzle. This stabilization is due to weight only. Keep it tightly clamped onto the barrel sleeve.

The original pistol was designed using the P99 as the design theme. In about 2011 the P22 had the slide and grips redesigned to follow the PPQ theme. The slide was also beefed up a bit as a number of the original slides cracked. If you live in the States the pistol has a lifetime warranty. Headquarters are in Ft. Smith, Arkansas. Should you ever desire you can order a Q slide and grips. They fit perfectly...no change necessary. Walther also now makes a captive recoil spring which works fine with late issues of Q slides but will not work with the slightly smaller hole in your slide. Drilled out to 1/4" and the captive spring works fine.

Likewise, the pistol was designed to use either barrel length system. Same barrel nut, but different length barrels and sleeves. At one time you could even purchase the pistol as a combo set with both barrels. You can tell the date of manufacture by a two letter code on the frame at the ejection port. DE = Germany. AC =2002, AD = 2003, AE = 2004, etc. J is not used. AK would be the last of the A series and would be 2009. Subsequent to that the BA, BB, BC models began. Safe shooting. 1917

Here is my 2006 frame pistol updated with Q grips and slide. I have threaded the breech block, bolted on an aluminum mount for a Shield red dot. SilencerCo suppressor which gets the pistol extremely dirty extremely quickly. This pistol frame has over 100,000 rounds on it.

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