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Fail to eject with Polymer mag - DIY time?

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Hello again,

The constant rain here has me looking for problems to solve. Today it's my 10 round polymer mags, which plague my shooting with their consistent failure to eject. I searched the threads here and did some googling, but without getting an answer.

I have one 5 round steel magazine which is just a pleasure to use. I can cycle the bolt as slowly as I wish and it still feeds and ejects smoothly. So this is my standard.

I also have three polymer 10 round magazines. They feed without fail, but ejection is a constant source of pain. If I cycle slowly, or even just moderately fast (what I consider a "normal" strength cycle), it WILL fail to eject. 100% of the time.

If I cycle fast and furious, and I do mean with considerable force and vigour, then the odds of a failure to eject are reduced. I just tried it there (without firing) and 4 rounds did not eject out of 10. And that's with a very strong and fast yanking back of the bolt. This does not meet my standard Though I see from other threads on RFC that nearly everyone is completely satisfied with their polymer mag.

Now, my rifle is a 1991 CZ Mod 2-E-S, which I believe to be basically a 452. The mags I bought were these: http://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/p...POLY+22LR+10RD
(The product picture looks nothing like the magazine)

Here is a very poor and out of focus photo I just took of the metal and plastic mags, aligned by the rear-side "shelf".

There is a noticeable difference in the height of the top round, along with the height of the rear guides of the magazine.

Is there anyone here with the same problem, and did you find a solution?

Can anyone recommend a course of action to improve matters?

I am of the opinion that if I were to shave the top of the plastic mag it may improve the situation, as I think the cartridge rim just isn't hitting the little ejector bump inside the chamber. (I don't know the correct terminology!). If this is the case, then how come a rigorous cycling works sometimes? Anyway, a shaving may well weaken the magazine, so that the pressure of a full mag could break the thinner plastic at the top, leaving the mag totally useless. Thoughts??

I hope I was understandable throughout all that. Thanks for your help, guys!
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