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Originally Posted by chuck40219 View Post
Lee I would think it would be MSRP. You may have a in with a gun shop that lets you buy a gun for their cost, whereas Joe has to buy his at retail and his cost is over the limit. Not quite fair to ole Joe.

You could always go with the unlimited class.

Hope you understand.
Chuck, Ok understood. when you I could go unlimited are you going to have a unlimited?
what are rules on that rifle wise? as long as it is a factory mass produced rifle.

I shoot RFBR and we have 4 classes

1; called at thrifty $450.00 or less straight of the rack no mods even trigger. no tuner 2-piece rest or bi-pod

2: Factory class $600.00 limit on rifle cost. mods allowed factory replacement barrels and trigger work as well as stock bedding ok. no tuner
2-piece rest or bi-pod

3: Super factory $601+ on rifle cost. mods allowed as long as it is a factory rifle barrel replacement is ok, trigger work, etc. no tuner
2-piece rest or bi-pod

4: unlimited anything goes

so what is the limitations for unlimited in these matches you would like to get started?
can I shoot a factory Anschutz match 54 off a 1-piece? what about a H&R M12 with a custom barrel?

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