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FTF / FTE Help

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Ok, be kind. Relative newby here. I have an old 10/22 that I recently upgraded. I think a 90ís era. Ruger trigger. ER Shaw barrel. Magpul x22 stock. Shoots pretty good after the upgrades but isnít reliable. I know I wonít be able to answer all the questions I will need to answer for you guys to help me because I havenít paid enough attention to the details when it happens. I do know:

- sometimes I pull the trigger and it goes click. Then I rack it and a bullet comes out that is shaved a bit.
-sometimes I get stove pipes
- I canít get through a 10rd mag without at least one issue. It seems to happen often on 2nd bullet but then goes better. But now always.
- I Hadnít shot it in years before my upgrades so I donít really have a control.
Iíve only tried one mag, but itís an OEM mag.
- I did put in a VQ extractor because it was cheap and I thought Iíd get lucky. No dice.
- I cleaned bolt pretty good when I put in extractor (and spring)
- tried Cci target, hunting, Winchester bulk, golden bullet. No stingers. Golden bullet was the worst for accuracy and reliability. Cci was best.

So. How to diagnose? I think the following steps are in order:

- try more mags
- clean chamber with .243 brush even though new barrel did this right out of the box. And I think years ago when i shot it it was fine except with 25 rders.
- put cartridge in chamber and insure it slides in easily.
- look more closely at each ďmisfireĒ and see if itís a FTE, FTF. If FTF look at firing pin mark on bullet.

What else do I need to look at or pay attention to in order to figure this out? I think itíll really shoot well with my mods but I want it reliable. Help please!!

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