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DB - "Catt" is exactly right with his recommendation to shim the trigger. However, it may be that the "legs" on either side of the trigger are splayed out somewhat. If so, THEN what do you do? As a retired machinist I can only see one fix for that. IF you are determined to eliminate as much play as possible, and IF you have a friend who is a machinist (with a milling machine), then certainly it is possible to make both legs almost perfectly parallel, which is the optimum condition. It will be necessary to remove the trigger & take a "skim cut" on the inside of the "legs" which hold the trigger pivot pin. A couple of thousandths will probably be all you will need to remove. After this cut (and after checking the sides or the trigger to be sure they are parallel) then you should easily be able to shim the trigger leaving only a 0.001 - 0.002 inch gap. This should NOT bind and should practically eliminate your side-to-side play..... FredT
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