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Mac1 1322

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Good afternoon all!

I wasn't sure whether to post this under the air rifle or air pistol forum, but I decided to go with pistol because that's what this particular little gun started life out as: a Crosman 1322 "American Classic."

I have a Benjamin Ironside gas-spring air rifle in .22 caliber that, while powerful and relatively quiet for its power level, struggles to hit the broad side of a barn from the inside. Seriously, it sucks. I've tried a zillion different pellets too. At 20 yards I can hold center mass on a crow and with a good artillery hold (or a tight hold!) and a good surprise trigger break I'm not suprised if I miss completely. With my CZ 455 at the same range (and iron sights) I'm going for the head without a second thought. (Before anyone chimes in with spring-piston airgun advice, I went through a serious airgun phase about 10 years ago- mostly spring-piston guns- and have never struggled with a gun as much as this one. I'm about 99% sure it's got a bad barrel or crown, but I can't access the crown due to the built-in non-user disassembleable suppressor, and operating it without said suppressor is a no-go.)

Consequently I've been looking for a replacement airgun, both for pest control (the Ironsides' intended task) and more recently just as something to shoot without burning through my ammunition– I live off-road/off-grid in Alaska, and ammunition is basically impossible for me to acquire right now.

I almost talked myself into a Benjamin Marauder pistol or rifle, but couldn't stomach the cost, especially given that I'd have to get a high-pressure pump and at least one tank to support the kind of shooting I'd like to do.

Enter Mac1 airguns semi-custom 1322. I liked the idea of a multi-pump pneumatic, both for self-sufficiency (no pump nonsense!) and the potential for being quiet (no piston noise!). I ordered one awhile back with all the internal fixin's, a 16" barrel and a "brake." I'm just going to call the "brake" what it is- a suppressor. I had a Crosman shoulder stock waiting for it to replace the pistol grips and convert it into a dandy little carbine. And by little I mean 35" long and 3 lbs, 7.9 oz according to my kitchen scale.

Regarding the "brake"/suppressor: it works. It works great. I'd rate this thing as 100% "backyard friendly." Dry-firing it full power indoors I'd say it's similar to a half-strength hammer tacker blow, but less sharp. Firing it at full power outdoors it sounds like a half-hearted hand clap. Standing off 30 ft and having someone else fire it I can hear the pellet hissing downrange.

I haven't even had a chance to sight it in yet, but just holding the same POA it's showing very promising casual offhand groups with HN Baracuda Hunters (18.21 gr). I generally shoot rimfires and airguns open sights, but I'm leaning toward putting a red dot on this cute little thing.

I'll report back later on this thread once I get a chance to properly accuracy test it. For now I'm just so excited to have such a quiet, handy little airgun, even if it's not particularly high-powered.
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