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Originally Posted by tmen52 View Post
desmobob,, I hope your Vantage scope holds up long enough on the new springer to see future use on a .22 rifle. I'm not familiar with the shot cycle of the TX200, but I am familiar with lower end Hawke scopes that are not air-gun rated and I might be skeptical.
I own a Vantage 3-12 mounted on a PCP, nice optics for the cost, mil-dot reticle and no functional issues. My only minor complaint, the side focus yardage indicator doesn't match up / focus with the yardage you're shooting, at a 50yd target the scope side focus dial needs adjusted to where it reads over 100 for the sharpest view.
Good luck with your new gun and scope.
Thank you!

The Vantage held up very well, with several hundred shots taken before being switched out for an Airmax 30SF. The TX200 has a reasonably mild shot cycle due to its "pre-tuned" build and, mostly, its heavy mass.

I was very impressed with the Vantage at its price point and I'm just as impressed with the Airmax. I had never heard of Hawke Optics until I bought my air rifle. I'm becoming a big fan.

The Vantage is headed for duty on a M69 Romanian training rifle, replacing an old Tasco budget varmint scope that was acceptable, but never a favorite at all.

Tight groups,

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