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MUCH LATER as in Feb 11, 2017!! Okay it is over 8 1/2 years later but I thought I would put a period on this project. I ended up tape bedding the rifle and it was shooting high .1's and low .2's @ 25 and well under 1/2" @ 50. Not bad for a very light rifle.

I traded it (really gave it away) to a now FORMER FRIEND for stock work on my Rem 700 in a Brown Precision (Chet Brown and Lee Six were the pioneers in high quality fiber glass and Kevlar stocks and changed shooting forever) hand laid fiberglass stock that I bought back in 1978 or 79 but shot it unfinished all this time. He was supposed to seal all the pin holes and paint it with a spider web type paint. He had it almost FOUR YEARS. This is a guy that ripped off many RFC members during the building of my SuperStock rifle African Rose that they donated money (stolen) and parts (I got some and he got some) and a barrel donated by BigSky1 he SOLD to a gunsmith and I had to come up with $100 to get back recently after 5 years (it is really worse than that but why go on?)!!

I had to threaten him with turning him into BATFE and the local Sheriff to get my 700 back!!

None of this is why he is my FORMER friend and I can not post what he did to earn FORMER FRIEND status but it is disgusting. I could have taken the Zastava back when he finally returned my half done 700. The thing was when I gave him the rifle he had a new baby boy and I wanted the Hot Rod Serb to be the baby's first rifle. Now the little guy is 5 years old and already knows about the rifle. I could not punish the child for the sins of the father.

So ends...or begins, the story of the HOT ROD SERB!! The boy will get a very nicely tuned Zastava CZ99. I know I would have loved it for my first rifle and I truly hope he grows up shooting it and loving it. Funny how things turn out some times isn't it?
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