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First good air rifle... WOW!

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After purchasing a Daisy AVANTI 747 Triumph Match air pistol to help build my pistol shooting skills between trips to the range with the powder-burners, I decided to try an air rifle as well.

After much reading and research and much fretting about the money involved, I ordered an Air Arms TX200 (with the walnut stock upgrade) from Precision Airguns & Supplies (great folks, by the way).

I have to say I am truly impressed with this rifle. It is as nice as any centerfire rifle I own and it lives up to its reputation for fit/finish and accuracy. For sighting, I picked a mid-line Hawke Vantage 4-12 x 50 AO MilDot illuminated reticle scope. I was a bit nervous about it as I have purchased some lower-priced scopes in the past that ended up being a waste of money. This one is an exception and I'm very happy with it. If there is any regret, it's with not coughing up a little more money for a side focus version instead of the front focus.

The only other air rifles I've ever had were a couple of Daisy BB-guns and a cheap, Chinese break-barrel that I picked up on a whim at one of those cheap tool sales at the local firehouse. In automotive terms, those are Yugos while the TX200 is a Ferrari. Or maybe I should say Jaguar, as it's a British product....

If I had been able to see one of these rifles in person, I don't think I would have waited so long or worried so much about spending the money. I'm sure that airguns will be a growing part of my love (read: addiction) for the shooting sports.

Tight groups,
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