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I doubt the Hubalek barreled 52 would bring as much as an original in comparable condition, unless you are a Hubalek or custom barreled rifle collector.
My knowledge of Hubalek dates back to my childhood days in the early 60's. My dad collected vintage single shot rifles and we both shot them in competition. Back then the Pope barreled rifles were the holy grail. However, the Schoyen's, Petersons, Zischangs, Hubaleks all shot very well. For some reason, the Pope's got all the hype. My dad still owns some old Ballard Peterson barreled rifles that he swears will outshoot any Pope. I think it is just like today. All the custom barreled rifle makers made a good barrel. For some reason some just shot better than others.
In today's time, I would say Gary Quinlan in PA is without a doubt the expert on anything Hubalek.
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