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Shot the "Super TOZ" today 4-2-11

Darn it all Skjold looking at that picture.....now I wish in a way things didn't turn out. LOL
But the TOZ is still a shooting fool.....
I tried out some new too me ammo, Win. Sub-Sonic 40gr. Hp & it shoots pretty
good but not as good as this magic lot # of CCI Std. Vel.
Warm up targets.

The match target for one of the fun match's here on RFC shot with CCI Std V...darn another 100-4X.

I also shot one of the targets with the Win. Sub-Sonic ammo & the score was 96-1X good enough for hunting.
Skjold it is on my list to visit my ancestral homeland Germany & Switzerland before I take my dirt nap 6Ft. underground....

Midwest Swiss

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