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Originally Posted by aom22 View Post
Midwest Swiss ... I sure do like the camo pattern on your rifle.
I mean ... I love it - gorgeous.

Could you tell us a little about the camo pattern?
Was this an original design or were you inspired by another source?

What I'm really wondering ... what is the squirrels perception of the pattern.
My understanding is squirrels, for the most part. see in black, white
and shades of gray.
So, considering this, could you post a black & white photo of your rifle?
Here ya go black & white.

Yes the camo is of my design.
I was really big into turkey hunting & are not color blind.
I did allot of research on camo....specially WW-1 & some WW-2 on the military camo research.
It is really mind boggling to come up with a pattern that works
where you hunt verses what you think looks good to your eyes.
Like if you camo your stock that looks just great from 10 ft away but from 10-50 yards away would still look like a rifle.
So spaced colors of with the color of your hunting area with the black shadow lines is better for longer distance.
And in mother nature there is rarely strait vertical & horizontal lines.
I also pheasant hunt with .22 rifles & my camo pattern is really for that style of hunting. Most bird are not color blind.
Thats the camo I came up with in my research.......I could go on & on about camo.
Look at black & gray tabby stripped house cats....the wild cats as predators just amazes me with there camo color & snakes also.
See how nice my CZ blends in.

Just keep in mind that I like to go over the top with my hunting .22 rifles.
I conceder it all part of the hunt & fun to be as good as you can be...
to put the odds in my favor on the hunt.
I would never paint a nice figured wood stock.


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