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Originally Posted by johnnyboy805 View Post
when you get around to removing the extractors from the bolt, I would go ahead and check the headspace. I was having light primer strikes with my wildcat and found that my headspace was over .050". I had to make a new thrust bushing that was .006" thicker. no problems ever since. you may not notice a difference but it may improve reliability in the future.
Thanks for the heads up.

I am not going to mess with the extractors they seem to be working fine.
No bullet shaving or nothing, the shell holder could use a little tuning the ejecting
the empty fired rounds is a little weak....but looks to be more trouble then its worth.
I have shot some home grown Russian ammo threw the "Super TOZ"
This target was shot in April & was to cold for the ammo.

I have found that all my Russian ammo shoots the best if the temp. is above 60*
The hotter it is the better it shoots.

I chrongraphed the Vostok ammo two weeks ago & had an 10-shot Vel Avg. of 1038 FPS with a ES of 29.36 FPS & the temp. was 80*
If your .22 rifle can function shooting Russian Steel cased ammo.....thats the ultimate test there is for firring pin strike and extraction.
The " Super TOZ" eats the home grown Russian ammo like candy.....


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