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John Picher's Extractor Tuning

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Submitted By: Picher

These pictures outline John Picher's method for fitting your extractor to your bolt better. The results have virtually eliminated all stovepipe jams from our rifles.

Please attempt these modifications at your own risk, your results may vary. Please direct any questions to John.

Customized 10-22s with minimum headspace milled bolt faces sometimes have lots of stovepipe jams. These jams are caused by the rim of the shell slipping out of the bolt recess, due to excess play between the cartridge recess face and the extractor hook. The cure is to reduce the distance by shortening the effective length of the extractor as described on the next 3 pages.

The original extractor would not hold a round by itself, the extractor was not even touching the rim.

(Click On Thumbs For Larger View)

Remove the extractor by using a hook tool to pull the plunger back from the bolt face and tip the extractor out by pressing inward on the hook, or by using a pair of pliers to lift it out.

The brand new Ruger extractor measured 0.533 inches long.

Clamp the rear portion of the extractor in a vise with the hook upward. Using an acetylene or propane torch, heat the forward end of the extractor to a dull red color.

While it is still red, strike the end with a hammer to bend the hook down about 10-15 degrees. Let cool and remove from the vise.

Note: This picture doesn't show the extractor being red, it was difficult to heat, hammer, and take pictures all at the same time, but understand that the hammering should be done while the part is red hot.

File the peened projections at the front end flat with the sides of the extractor so it fits into the bolt slot without binding.

Here you can see what we are trying to achieve with the above heating and beating. The original extractor is shown on the left, the one we just modified is on the right.

Re-install the extractor into the bolt using the reverse of the removal process. Check to see how the extractor fits into the slot. If hammered properly, there won’t be enough clearance to allow the hook to reach past the bolt face at the location nearest the slot.