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Originally Posted by sobrbiker883 View Post
Where and what kind of shooting do you do???
There are a few weekly matches near where I live that are unsanctioned, but all of them are very similar.

We shoot 20 yards mostly indoors but sometimes outdoors. As for guns, they have to be sporter barrels (no heavy or bull barrels) and for the most part factory (though more and more custom parts are starting to be seen). SS barrels are legal at the moment, but I am sure we will see a rule change soon.

Most of the guns have trigger jobs getting them in the 6-12 oz range, glass bedding, double action screws, better mounting of the barrel to the action, recrown barrels, usually 24-36x power scopes, and so on. Just very little custom stuff and if it is, its usually camouflaged to look factory.

The dots we shoot are the same size as a 22 bullet. You get three shots every round and most of the guns can knock (100% of the dot must be gone) out 1 out of 3 dots any time, 2 out of 3 if its hitting good, and 3 out of 3 is rare.

As for guns, you see alot of annies, rem s & t, ALOT of CZ's, a few other brands as well. For the money, some of those CZ really perform. 54 action annies seem to always win with a few long barrel CZ always giving them a run for first place.

I am not try to hide the fact I am changing the barrel, I just am debating whether to put $500-600 in a older but good shape 64 action. If I knew it would make it shoot, I would go for it, but I am scared there is a slim chance it just may not shoot, then I have wasted ALOT and time of money.
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