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As for the condition of the rifle its in excellent condition (98%) and has great looking wood, even the bluing is great. The problem is the inside of the barrel (thats how I go stung and ended up with it). Its just had to many years of barrel neglect. The bolt and trigger are great, I sure wish my 1712 had a trigger like this little guns got.

I bought it about 10 years ago as a factory sporter to shoot a local matches but never could get it to group. After having it scoped, I found the issue why.

Not sure why, but the local group I shoot with want for keep the guns FACTORY. There are a few after market barrels, but not much. Most of them seem to be crome-moly, but a SS guns come in from time to time and as stated are frowned upon and usually don't hang around long. The SS look is starting to grow on me, but not sure if thats what I will go with.

I have played around with the idea of putting a used factory 1710 barrel on it, but in the end, its going to only save me $150-200 (since most used factory barrels are going for $150-200, that I have found). I am just scared of getting someone else "BAD" barrel. They did change the barrel in hopes of getting better accuracy I assume, why else would they take it off and add another EXPENSIVE barrel.

Just curious how those rebarreled 64 actions shoot. Seems to be alot of them out there, got to be a few rebarreled models.
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