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I'm seeing lots of partisan-press recommendations here.

Originally Posted by Jinx D'jinn View Post
Not letting my firewall down.
Me either. The ads are obnoxious. Noisy. Get in the way of what I'm trying to read. Plant cookies that follow me around the net giving me targeted ads every where I go. No thanks. If the site pops up telling me to turn off my ad-blocker I go to settings menu and tell google to stop giving me news from that source.

Originally Posted by djcnaz01 View Post
Most of the time, but not all, if you can stop the website loading after the main page it will stop the ad blocker junk. So, if you see an ad blocker, just reload the page and stop it loading after the main page loads or starts to load. It may take a few trials before you get good at it.

Originally Posted by Jinx D'jinn View Post
How do you get your daily news?
News? Different from commentary and analysis, eh? (aka spin and opinion)

Home page on ye olde computer is the google news feed. Nowadays I have to skim half-way down the page to find the local news, skipping past all the celebrity gossip and sports news. Wish I could find a way to just take them off the feed.

Nowadays what passes for national news, at the top of the page, is mostly commentary and opinion so I breeze past that pretty quickly too. The world news section sometimes gives me hints about what to search for elsewhere but it's usually just more commentary.

For good old fashioned "just the facts, ma'am" summaries I turn to One America News Network, both on the TV and the web. You'll see news covered there not being covered by any of the so-called mainstream outlets, conservative or liberal. Undeniable conservative slant but not over the top, especially if you stick to their news programs rather than their opinion shows.


Now, what you probably didn't expect to hear is that I find reddit to be the best source of "breaking news." It's raw reporting rather any summation -- spot reports vs intelligence summaries -- and comes with the bias of the person making the post but you'll see it there before you see it on TV or google. Case in point, I was reading about the Kurds making nice with Assad days ago while US media outlets were still trying to find Kobani on a map. You just have to find the "subs," as redditors call them, that cover the topics that interest you.
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