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I'm sure my set-up and my technique are the weak links in this chain.

My table is just that, a table. I can't get behind the gun very comfortably. My front bag was too high and my back bag too low. I had to move the Anschutz more between shots than the CZ to work the bolt. You can see my front and rear bags in this photo.

And yep at 7 and 8 power the crosshairs would move off the POA on every heartbeat. I tried to time the trigger to go off when the crosshairs returned to the POA.

I realize, other than a hole in my mitt and the sun in my eyes, I'm listing every excuse in the book. Actually, I'm surprised I achieved the groups I did with either rifle.

The thing that impressed me was the little youth scout shooting so well with easy and cheap to buy CCI SS. I'm tickled I won't be putting the grandkids at a disadvantage with the Scout.

I am going to put more scope on this 1712. I have one of the older Leupold VXII 4x12 AO.
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